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Distractions of Teenagers Life.


A Teenager or Teen is a young person whose age falls within the range from 13-19. They are

called Teenagers because their age number ends with “Teen”.

                                                 Life of Teenagers

Teenagers life is full of enjoyment , love , romance , making friends , involve in bad 

things etc. They gets distracted easily and involve in bad society which leads to

distroy them.

                                                                          Distraction of Teenagers
 There are many things to which teenagers gets distracted but few of them are given below :-

                                                          1. MOBILE PHONE ADDICTION

Teenagers gets easily distracted to mobile phones as all the things are available in just one

click. Facebook , Whatsapp , Instagram , Youtube  are the most famous social platforms in

the world nowadys. Teenagers as well as matured people also distracted easily as all these

platform are very intersting and the stuff inside all these platforms attractes us to gets


                                                                                         2. LOVE AFFAIRS

Teenagers life is full of love affairs a teenager gets easily attractes to opposite sex in these

days. They are very excited for relationship but they don’t know what is Real Love? and

True relationship.There life is full of dreams and they speak big things as because they are

too far away from reality. Because of addiction to love and all these things they lost their

interset in studies and scolded by their parents and teachers.

                                                             3. INVOLVING IN BAD SOCIETY

Teenagers easily involve in bad society a society which wash their minds to bad things

Ex : Motivates you to drink bear , smoke cigrattes or any other bad intoxicant.

Teenagers gets easily attached with friends in this age and never listen to there parents

they think that parents are not that much mature as they are.Thus due to all these habits

they become bad for the nation , society also.

“Soo Guys these all are the basic problems which you are going to face in your future

keep calm and cool when these problems arrive in your teenage listen to your parents

take the advice from the elders what is reality ? what is right and what is wrong. The

movement you understand the reality you are solve your problems very



                                           ----  MY MESSAGE TO THE FUTURE TEENAGERS ----

Things may not be in your hand everyone is going to scold you regarding what you do, don’t

take any bad decision which change your’s or someone’s life which spoil you for the whole

future.The right path is if you are a student focus on your studies if you get good marks all

your bad habits blur. Don’t involve in the bad society think about your parents struggle think

about your society think about your country. YOU ARE THE FUTURE OF YOUR COUNTRY.


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